Is FRIENDS star Matthew Perry thinking of going under the knife?

"Cinderella Man" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsWe first met Matthew Perry when he played Chandler Bing, the lovable joker in Friends. That was two decades ago, and Matthew has suffered from middle-aged spread just like the rest of us have. He appeared on a US chat show, Ellen, in the past week, after which apparently some of his own friends teased him about his weight!

Speculators reckon Matt might be thinking of going under the knife to get rid of a few of the extra pounds he’s put on, and we wouldn’t blame him if he did. He’s still an attractive man, but his career hasn’t exactly taken off since the end of Friends. Perhaps shedding some of the excess weight will help him to land those roles?

Of course, we hope Matt doesn’t make this decision just because of what his friends say! He should be opting for surgery because it’s what he wants for himself. We’d recommend some liposuction and possible a tummy tuck depending on how much excess skin is left after his weight loss. Of course, a good diet and exercise won’t go amiss either.

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I wish I were… a yummy mummy!

Keep-healthy-during-pregnancy-HERO-94ba6d88-0ef4-4b04-901d-86bbc69046e9-0-640x360Yummy mummy makeovers were the big thing of the new millennium, and they’re not getting any less popular. Women are beginning to realise that having children doesn’t mean sacrificing good looks and tight tums!

The beauty of a yummy mummy makeover is that you can make it whatever you want: you can customise your makeover to target any areas that you think need work – whether you’ve got post-baby belly or thunder thighs. Some of the most popular procedures we deliver as part of yummy mummy makeovers are:

  • Tummy tucks, to tighten up your abs after the surgery
  • Liposuction, which can target any areas of fat that you haven’t managed to lose yet
  • Lifts – you can have a lift just about anywhere, from your face to your thighs!

Combine one or two surgeries and who knows – you might be looking even better than you did before you had your baby!

With all the stresses of becoming a new mother, nobody wants the added worry of being self-conscious about their body. Treating yourself to a yummy mummy makeover is one way to truly reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put into pregnancy and childbirth!

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Time to get your summer beach body ready!

yoga-bikini-body-fitness-workout-downward-facing-dog_1Wow, is it that time of year already? It feels like winter’s only just ended, and yet here we are – it’s nearly June! Three months of summer and sunshine are almost upon us, and I know what that means to me – time to get my bikini body ready!

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and find it’s not quite doing its job properly, then you might consider undergoing a little nip and a tuck to get your body in ship-shape ready for summer. Want to know what our most popular pre-summer surgeries are? Read on…

Liposuction. Yeah, you could’ve guessed this one. At Secret Surgery, we offer VASER liposuction, which is more efficient, clean and effective than more traditional methods. If you’ve still got a little bit of a fat that just doesn’t seem to shift no matter how hard you diet, then maybe liposuction is for you. We can target the areas of your body where you want less fat, and leave it in the areas you’re happy with!

Tummy tuck. Perhaps you’ve already lost the weight you need to for your bikini body, but this has left you with a little more excess skin than you’d like? Don’t worry – a tummy tuck can fix this. A tummy tuck can help a saggy tummy to look youthful, toned, and sexy once again.

Breast augmentation. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to fill out your bikini bra like you may have been able to do in years long past, then maybe a breast augmentation is for you. Of course, you can also have your breasts reduced in size – and this might be an option if you want to fit into those sexy DD bikinis you’ve been spotting in shop windows recently.

Pectoral implants. This one’s just for the boys – if you’re feeling self-conscious about your lack of pecs this year – just get them implanted! You’ll be the talk of the town – and it might even guarantee you a summer of love for 2013!

Fancy any of these? Then don’t hesitate to give us a ring and get your beach body in shape just in time for your holidays! To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

What kind of lipo is for me?

flat_tummy1Liposuction: we’ve all heard of it. But did you know there are different kinds of liposuction? As with any procedure that’s been around for years, new and improved technologies come along, and improve the options available to those who want to undergo surgery.

There are four most common kinds of liposuction – VASER lipo, which is what we offer here at Secret Surgery; laser assisted lipo; suction-assisted lipo; and power-assisted lipo.

VASER® ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses specially designed probes that deliver ultrasound waves into the fat layer to selectively target and emulsify (liquefy) fat. In other words, it’s safe, efficient, and effective. Unfortunately, not all cosmetic surgery clinics have adopted this newer method yet – though we have.

More commonly, you’ll be offered suction-assisted lipo. During this procedure, a cannula – a small suction probe – will be inserted under the skin to suck the fat out of the body. Unfortunately, this rather rough procedure can also damage other important tissues which risks leaving a ‘lumpy, bumpy’ tone behind and may mean a longer recovery period.

When you’re considering liposuction, you need to weight up all the pros and cons; while the take-up on VASER lipo isn’t as too high as yet, it’s proving to be, by far, the safest and most effective method. VASER lipo targets only the fatty tissues which you want to be rid of, leaving everything else safe and intact.

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C’mon Guys… Surgery is Not Just a Woman’s Game

atlanta-male-facial-plastic-surgeryYep, you heard right. For too long, cosmetic surgery has been seen as an industry aimed purely at women. But why? It’s not like we don’t want our men looking good too! If you’re a man and you’ve ever been feeling insecure about the way you look, then don’t rule out the option of surgery. We see plenty of men every day, and the vast majority of them have supportive wives and girlfriends looking forward to having a hunkier man at home with them!

We offer plenty of surgery options just for men – including pectoral implants – but we also see a lot of men who want the same surgeries that a lot of our lady patients want! This is fine – liposuctions, lifts, and tucks are not just for women. Men age in just the same way as us, and – even if most of them do seem to be able to eat like a horse without gaining weight – they do put on the pounds too!

We’d like to shake off the image of cosmetic surgery as a woman’s surgery. It’s not; and there’s nothing wrong – or feminine – about wanting to make yourself look the best you can be. What’s more, the bonus of our location in Poland means that you needn’t even tell your male friends that you’re going to have surgery; just tell them you’re on a lads holiday to Vegas – they’ll understand!

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Keeping the Fat Off After Lipo

images (1)If you undergo liposuction to get rid of some extra fat, then you’ll want to make sure you don’t put it back on straight after your operation! This doesn’t have to be difficult, though you do need to take caution when exercising post-surgery; gentle, simple exercise which don’t wear you out or slow down your healing are the best ways to ease you back into a healthy exercise regime after undergoing something like liposuction.

Just a few days after you’ve had the lipo, you can get your body moving around by making an effort to walk relatively short distances. If you’ve got access to a gym, you might feel brave enough to use the elliptical machines gently – but don’t wear yourself out too much on them, and don’t be tempted to use any machines which require more movement or flexibility than this.

More important is the approach to exercise you take in the long run. Liposuction isn’t a quick fix, and it isn’t something that will keep the fat off you for good. As with any other kind of weight loss, you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay slim post-lipo. Swimming, running, and cycling are all cheap, easy ways to keep your body in top shape post-lipo – but wait until you’re fully recovered to start on any of these!

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Give Yourself Some TLC Post-Lipo

liposuction-2You’ve had the surgery, and you’re on your way home… it’s all done, right? Well… not quite. There is a little thing called ‘aftercare’, and it’s just as important as… any other kind of care! If you want your surgeries to go off without a hitch, then caring for yourself afterwards – and making sure you get the right care from your professionals – really is of the utmost importance. 

First off, it’s good to know just what to expect after lipo. It’ll take 1-3 months to fully recover from lipo, though the pain from the op should be gone in about a week or so. In terms of aftercare, there are quite a few things you can do to help yourself heal so much better:

  • Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids – but avoid alcohol
  • Keep the area of the surgery clean, and resist the temptation to apply ice packs – they’ll slow the healing process down
  • Change the bandages regularly, or when your surgeon has advised you to
  • Don’t expose the operated area to water – this could cause an infection
  • Wear light, comfortable garments
  • Make sure the pressure garment you wear post-surgery is the right size
  • Always keep help at hand!

If you follow this simple advice, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t heal in no time. Of course, this is general advice intended for most people; if your surgeon or consultant has given you more specific advice which may, in some cases, contradict our tips above – always follow your surgeon’s advice! 

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Is 2013 Your Year for Change?

A lot of us see new years as symbolic of new starts: we’ve got a whole twelve months ahead of us, and what better way to spend them than totally revamping ourselves? The thought that next Christmas you could be three sizes slimmer and twice as fit is a tempting one, and that’s why resolutions, diets and gym memberships are flying around like crazy at this time of the year.

Rarely, however, do we ask ourselves the truly important questions first: am I ready for this change? Sometimes, diets fail with our motivations levels, but sometimes we just simply aren’t ready to take them on. Undergoing major cosmetic surgery is similar – some people just aren’t ready for it. How can you tell if 2013 is your year?

Well, first off – are you sure you’re doing this for you? It sounds silly – of course I want to be slimmer, you might think – but sometimes, our hearts just aren’t in it. If you’re unhappy with your nose or your bum or your boobs because your boyfriend or your friends seem to think they’re lacking, but you like them… well, you’re not really unhappy with them, are you?woman-thinking

And then, even if you do want it, are you sure you have the time, energy and commitment for it? Many procedures entail taking a little time off work, and you may have to be patient before experiencing the results. You certainly can’t expect to have your surgery in the first week of February and be ready and healed up by Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve really thought about it and decide that yes – 2013 is your year – then don’t hesitate! We’re here to help everyone through the process of cosmetic surgery, and we make sure everyone is ready before they have surgery with us!

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Shape Up for Christmas!

With only just over six weeks left until Christmas, it’s the time of year when we’re all scrabbling around the fruit and veg sections of the supermarket, trying to lose a few pounds before the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be seeing family members and friends for the first time in twelve months – and I want to look good!

Of course, this also means that here at Secret Surgery, we’re already experiencing the pre-Christmas rush; everyone wants to look their best for the festive period, and I don’t blame them, especially when my sister always insists on taking dozens of photos every year!

One way to ensure that you’re looking great for Christmas is a little vaser liposuction – it’s a quick way to smooth out your figure and shed a few pounds from your problem areas. Face lifts and other anti-ageing treatments are also popular at this time of year, as well all face up to the fact that another Christmas means we’re another year older – even if we don’t have to look it.

Now, there is one other reason we’re always busy at Christmas… surgery gifts! If you’re stuck on an idea for a Christmas gift for your loved one, why not treat them to a consultation with Secret Surgery? We’ve got clinics across the UK, and, after all, who wouldn’t want a makeover for Christmas?

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The Truth about Lipo…

At Secret Surgery, we pride ourselves on honesty and great communication; after all, it’s what you ladies really want that matters, right? We know that cold salesmanship isn’t what’s needed in this industry, and we’re here to help you to make the best decisions you can – even if it means that deciding surgery isn’t for you.

That’s why, today, it’s time to debunk some myths about liposuction. Too many people are under the impression that liposuction is something it isn’t: that is, a cheap route to a thin bikini body. Well, here’s the big reveal: hat’s not how it works, and it’s not really what liposuction is for.

Losing weight is hard, and it’s no wonder that people will look for an easy option; nobody ever said it was easy. Unfortunately, liposuction won’t help you to lose a large amount of weight; in fact, there are limits on how much fat can be removed, and it isn’t that much.

So, what is liposuction for? It’s really just the icing on the cake, as it were. Maybe you’re just not that overweight, or maybe you’ve been losing weight for months but you just can’t shift those last few pounds – we can help you to do that. If you want something that will take you from ‘slim’ to ‘streamlined’, liposuction can help. It can also help you to target fatty areas – big bums and thunder thighs – that otherwise just don’t shift with exercise.

What we can’t do is make you lose pounds and pounds. Unfortunately, we need your help with that one.

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