Launching KWS State-of-the-Art Hospital (Wroclaw)

Its really exciting news at Secret Surgery and we really couldn’t keep our latest news to ourselves; so here is a sneak preview.

Please take a look at our new purpose built 60 bedroom private KWS hospital in Wroclaw. We will be officially launching this medical facility in December with a view to sending patients here in the New Year.

Our MD & Founder Angela Chouaib personally was an Inpatient in this facility in August 2013 where she had a thigh lift; as she stands by only recommending services she has personally experienced herself first hand.

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angela chouaib secret surgeryMD & Founder Angela Chouaib said:

“Due to the continued success of Secret Surgery Ltd and positive feedback from our patients under the care of Dr Wacławowicz, KWS hospital will be used in addition to EMC Instytut Medyczny (which is reaching full capacity) and will be run by the wonderfully talented Dr. Wojciech Wacławowicz, Head of the Plastic Surgery. “

Multiple Procedure feedback

cosmetic surgery abroad poland Two weeks ago I had my arm lift with Secret Surgery (the forth surgery with them) I trust and feel very comfortable with Angela , Dr Waclawowicz , Aga and Jack.
Everything is perfect with them ,from airport collecting me , to my operation and recovery. They treat me and look after me really well. Angela is the angel of secret surgery, she spoke every day with my children to update them with the operation.
I enjoy the time i spend in Poland, and i want to thank them all for this fantastic experience.


Patient feedback : Eyelid Correction

I am feeling fantastic stiches are all out and I have had complete rest since Monday.  I feel like a new woman. I looked in the mirror last night and for the first time I smiled.

I thank you Patricia Doc W Aga Jack what a team you are thank you for giving me Me back eternally grateful XXXXX

surgery poland patient experianceMS M FROM BARNSLEY

Latest Patients Feedback – Yummy Mummy Makeover

Woman Smiling,Lying In Hospital Bed

Latest Feedback from our Yummy Mummy

Everything is great thank you healing brilliantly in no pain after my tummy tuck and vaser lipo, been mooching around the square already – Everyone has been great all the doctors nurses Aga and Jack are so attentive and nice, I’m very glad I come!

I had a little peek at my tummy tuck scar and although still swollen my scar is perfect, so neat I couldn’t believe it, I was worried before but now I’m not so much for my second op (breast Augmentation) just excited!


Patient Testimonial: Reconstructive surgery after massive weightloss

happy man cosmetic surgeryI’ve just arrived back in the Apartment and the surgeon was so right….I needed a few extra days in hospital to be cared for properly… I have felt rather weak but then I expected that… I need to build myself up again by eating plenty of Protein… Can I just say how completely overwhelmed Iv been by your interest shown regarding my progress…..

The medical and nursing care have been absolutely second tonone and Aga has been the utmost professional throughout my time here, whenever Ive turned around shes been there for me…..And of course Jack….. He’s always been here wherever I’ve needed to go and at whatever or night…..

It would be wrong not to mention my Surgeon Dr W, who without doubt has performed miracles on me in such a short time….. He and I were sitting having a cuppa outside the hospital at 7am this morning!!!!! A new friend for life!!!

Who could I possibly have forgotten???? of course, my dear friend Angela who has believed in me from day one and supported and encouraged me every step of the way… Its not easy electing to have major surgery X2 but without you…it would not have been possible


Yummy Mummy Tummy Tuck Feedback

happy customer1I am so glad that I stumbled across secret surgery and didn’t go with the company in Belgium that were going to send me to the hotel the same day as my surgery and not see me until 3 days later to change and clean my wounds and remove my drains!!!

I have had an amazing experience everything and I mean everything was taken care of before and after our arrival. DR W, Aga and Jack are amazing and have made mine and my families stay so much easier.

Angela definitely matched me up with the right surgery buddies we have laughed until our tummies hurt.

Angela you are an amazing women who definitely know what each and every patient needs. I am so pleased I found secret surgery it had made the whole experience so much easier xxx


NHS Nurse talks of her time in Poland

Emma Cummings
Emma Cummings

In December I had the pleasure of attending the Secret Surgery VIP trip to Wroclaw. I was there in my capacity as an aftercare nurse but I am also employed as a manager in the NHS and have my own private aesthetic practice. I was surprised to read the article printed a few days later in The Sun as it bore little resemblance to the weekend I had been on. Whilst I do have an interest in Secret Surgery I am also a registered nurse and as such am bound by my code of conduct which means that I always put the interests of patients first.

Jennifer Tippett was given access to personal information disclosed by individuals who in some cases had told no one else of their journey or indeed any past or planned surgery. Much of what she wrote was embellished or just plain lies, for example no 17 year old who attended had a consultation with the surgeon regarding a ‘nose job’. A huge opportunity was missed to show the fabulous skills of the surgeons at EMC who perform life changing surgery for the patients who choose to go there.

These are patients who in some cases have already had several consultations in the UK and been exposed to some particularly poor medical practice such as that highlighted in the Keogh report published on 31st December which highlights high pressure sales tactics and ‘special offers’. I did not witness any such practices at secret surgery unlike here in the UK.”

EMC Hospital

Having met the surgeon individually and had the chance to look around the hospital I must say how impressed I was with their exemplary practices and the beautiful, immaculate and clean hospital, it is such a shame that Jennifer chose not to mention any of this but instead mentioned a patient who had returned to have surgery corrected ‘free of charge’. Again this was simply not true.

Jennifer likened the atmosphere to that of a hen night and if by that she meant a group of women enjoying themselves in a lovely part of the world just before christmas then yes, that is exactly what the weekend was. After all some of those attending had lost huge amounts of weight and were considering more life changing events in the future. Perhaps they should not have been enjoying their new found confidence with new and supportive friends? And perhaps they would have thought twice before opening up to Jennifer if they had realised how biased and superficial her article would be.

Emma Cummings
RN BSc Hons. MSc

NHS nurse speaks of her VIP Experiance in Poland

Angie Matthews
Angie Matthews

So the VIP weekend to Wroclaw was nothing more than a booze up with woman who were not intelligent enough to research the surgery/surgeons they were having?? …………. Well where on earth was i, as this is a total contrast to the weekend i attended!

I attended the trip as Angela thought it important for her aftercare nurses to see first hand the facilities at EMC and the standards of treatment that Secret Surgery patients expect to recieve. She invited us along and had planned a very regimented itinary in order to maximise the knowledge and experiences we would share with the polish team and recieve in return.

Our trip included a visit to the hospital, meeting patients who were more than happy for us to attend whilst they were reviewed, checked for pain levels and had their dressings renewed. One thing i thought when i saw the wound dressing change was how exceptional the emphasis on wound cleansing was compared to the standards i have seen in public practice.

I was impressed to see that instead of leaving dressings on for days on end, or not even having a dressing……..the wounds were managed on a daily basis. This is primarily the reason that EMC has a Zero infection rate. We discussed the use of wound swabs for MRSA etc, and was pleased to here that they also are very strict in poland and will not take chances with anyone that could potentially have an infection. They would rather postpone someones surgery than risk cross contamination from another source.

EMC Hospital

Safety first is very much the impression i was left with. The surgeon Dr W was very impressed that as UK nurses we were interested enough to give up our time to go along to meet him, his team and tour the facilities. It gave us an insight and a first hand look at how professional the packages are run. When you initially think of surgery abroad, you think of cut price must mean cut safety and cut care. The total opposite is true in the case of secret surgery. The lengths that Angela Chouhaib and her team go to maximise patient comfort and safety is nothing more than outstanding.

The patients are chauferred to the hospital daily for their dressing changes, in constant telephone contact for support mentally, as well as all the physical care. Dr W has very strict guidelines on how surgery is assessed. For example, if you went to him asking for ridicolously sized breasts for your frame, he would assess your whole body, and would not do something that would leave you looking like a freak of nature, despite the obvious financial reward. He also has protocols that mean no one will be able to access more than one major surgery in one hospital visit. It is these strict protocols…………safety and comfort over money, that mean the hospital currently has a zero mortality rate. How many institutions can boast that??

What the sun journalists failed to mention amongst many things was the lengths Secret surgery go to, in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible and as anxiety reducing as possible. As a bariatric patient myself having had both gastric bypass and lower body lift on the NHS in the UK, i know only too well how extremely stressful the whole process is. Not only stressful for the patient but for the loved ones aswell. Angela included a service that can cater for a companion to keep the patients company, and offers them just as much support mentally as the client recieves. This is again an example of the extra mile that secret surgery goes.

We enjoyed meals together in relaxing restuarants, not the drunken nights that the sun portrayed us to have. I mean for goodness sake, some people had just had major surgery……..they would hardly be up to drinking poland dry!! i enjoyed half a glassof wine on the last evening, and other than that drank coke and water, as did almost everyone else. We enjoyed a shopping trip to the Renoma shopping centre which was primarily led by Tracy who gave us valuable advice on how to dress our new found figures and how to look after the inner person that maybe is still struggling with the effects that obesity left. Sadly Jennifer the journalist showed little or no interest in talking to any of us about our journies.

Jennifer Tippet - The Sun Journalist
Jennifer Tippet – The Sun Journalist

We had so many stories ready to share, but she wandered around the shops looking at boots and jumpers for herself and took no notice of us all. It was very dissapointing on sunday evening when both jennifer and mike did not bother to attend the extensive traditional polish buffet that had been laid on at the very exclusive Pod Freda restuarant, rudely leaving Angela to pay the bill !!

This was the last opportunity for them to do the interviews that they were there to do, but sadly work took priority, or so we thought. Facebook pictures of site seeing at the time reflected how honest they were. Not only was the report in the sun, totally unfactual & unsubstantiated, it was also very insulting and demeaning. The people that were on that trip for surgery had done months and months of research, talking to surgical teams around the world, and asking millions of questions. Everyday they post in the facebook groups of both secret surgery and Weight loss surgery friends which have become a community themselves. The support that is given and recieved is unending and given with care and compassion.

There isnt a question that Angela does not answer!I agree there will be some people out there that probably spend 5 minutes and will choose the cheapest most convienient company and not even realise what they were getting into. Secret surgery clients however are nothing like that. They are simply not allowed to be for a start. Angela and the team ENSURE that their clients are well informed of ALL risks involved. They have infact turned people away that have had unrealistic expectations of surgery and the results. When Secret Surgery clients give consent for surgery, then it is 100% informed consent.

I am a trained nurse, i would under no circumstances risk losing my pin number for a company that i wasnt sure would be totally legally and ethically moral. I think the sun report tainted what was a very special weekend. 

VIP Trip Attendees outside EMC Hospital – Wroclaw, Poland

How safe is cheap cosmetic surgery abroad?

trayc randall laughingI attended the Xmas VIP Trip that was featured in The Sun Newspaper…..

There is nothing cheap about making life changing decision about yourself, you can’t put a price on happiness, but you can put a value on it, and the value for money you get from Surgery in Poland with Secret Surgery is absolutely outstanding.

The hospital where you have surgery is a modern day version of the Ritz but cleaner! I hate hospitals and I didn’t even know I was in a hospital as it looked like a very smartly run hotel.  I was also privileged enough to be able to sit in on a consultation.  Dr W and Aga communicated very effective and compassionately.  These women are here because they want help and in my line of business it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside its how you feel on the inside.  If you are considering surgery abroad I couldn’t recommend Secret Surgery enough.

The Sun portrayed a completely wrong image for surgery abroad and for some reason report misconceptions in order to sell papers.  Surely you would sell more papers if readers were sure in the knowledge they contained the truth, facts and not exaggerated misconceptions or twisted interpretations.  The Sun newspaper reporter misrepresented the seriousness of friendships made and professionalism of Secret Surgery and made the whole weekend sound like a cattle show.

This is my story… the truth!

I arrived in Poland and it was magical.  It had been snowing for a few days previously and as we headed off to the Christmas market I bumped into a patient that had surgery 1 day earlier.  She was enjoying the mulled wine at the Christmas market with another patient.  You wouldn’t believe she had just had surgery and was really enjoying her time. Unfortunately she couldn’t have another surgery she had booked for as she had arrived in Poland suffering from Laryngitis.  Dr W said he didn’t want to perform the surgery due to risk of cross infection and wouldn’t take the responsibility if there was an issue with her airway while under general anesthetic.  Where else would you get turned away from a private medical company?  The fact that the surgeon was unwilling to take the risk in putting the patient in danger just over a sore throat showed true professionalism.  The Secret Surgery Client was more than happy undergoing one non-invasive part of her surgery and only slightly disappointed that she couldn’t have her main surgery done as she had no doubts in rebooking for another time as they insisted her health was paramount.

That evening when we arrived at the restaurant for our meal, I met another lady who had come out of hospital that day.  She had a tummy tuck dr fronikand was well enough to join us for an evening meal.  These women were amazing.  It proves that you can have surgery and when the after care is second to none problems are few and far between.  Whilst at the evening meal, which I must add, was a top notch restaurant with Ritz style food and perfect portion control, I began to speak to many other ladies that were there on a personal journey.  Face lifts, nose jobs, lipo, gastric bypasses, tummy tucks, reconstructive surgery and they all want to look good, sometimes after a long emotional or physical battle.  And why not?  If its affordable then you can’t put a price on true happiness and in a safe environment like the EMC Hospital in Poland to me it’s a no brainer.  So to celebrate the 2nd year of Secret Surgery, these ladies are an inspiration and I am in absolute awe of them and hold a credit to these wonderful inspiring ladies.

The weekend was a celebration of how amazing Secret Surgery is.  None of us were there for a boozy filled weekend and being signed up for more surgery, these ladies wanted to be there for themselves.  There was no sales pitch and there wasn’t even any mention of cost! Out of 30 ladies, 10 ladies had a consultation for future work, unfortunately some of it was corrective surgery from incorrect procedures taken place in the UK and they travelled there to get a consultation as they felt they could trust Secret Surgery more than private UK hospitals.

No one signs up for surgery without careful consideration and a flippant remark about taking less time to choose bathroom tiles is insulting to both the patients and the medical team in Poland.

Yes there is a risk with surgery, but there is a risk with every kind of procedure, whether it is done in the UK or abroad, and I feel that the ladies were manipulated by the Sun and words definitely put into people’s mouths.

Why would you report that a 17 year old had a consultation for a nose job when it’s clearly not true?  And why not mention that some of the people on t he VIP trip were there from the NHS and are part of the after care team based in the UK?

I found the whole report irritating and uncalled for, and I want to make my point.  I never intend on having surgery as it’s not for me, BUT I would recommend Secret Surgery and Angel Chouaib, her services and her team to everyone thinking about having it done.  Infact I already have recommended Secret Surgery to many people.

Changing how you look to make yourself feel better is not a bad thing at all, it will make you happy and will help you save lives.  One lady that was due to have a procedure after having her scan in Poland was found to have cancer!  This was NOT picked up in the UK.  Fortunately she was treated for this and was able to return and to have her surgery after recovery.

dr w with alyson hudsonDr W is a wonderful man with a great sense of humor, the photos of him and his team around the hospital can just see what a marvelous man he truly is.  He also attended of the evening meals, but didn’t drink and left before the main course came out as he had surgery in the morning and took his responsibility very seriously.  I think the Sun reporter again, misinterpreted everyone’s merriment to drink rather than atmosphere and fun.

I am truly amazed at the beautiful people I have meet this weekend and wish you all well, and think we need to rise above the misinterpretation that have been reported in The Sun newspaper.  Secret Surgery is amazing, the founder is amazing, her team is amazing and the hospital is amazing.

Good luck to everyone who is having surgery and taking action about how to feel good about themselves, I truly met some wonderful friends this weekend and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Trayc Randall, Professional Stylist


Competition Winner of Secret Surgery VIP Christmas Trip

The news that you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived…. Are you all as excited as we are???  Well here goes…. After careful consideration and reading through all the wonderfully powerful heartfelt reasons as to why we should chose each enterer as a winner it was an extremely difficult decision but in the end the team at Secret Surgery finally and unanimously agreed that…….. drum roll…….

Oh are you excited to find out???? Oh well sorry to spoil it for you but we aren’t telling you just yet!!!

The winners prize will consist of Return flights from London 14th to 17th December with priority upgrade, all transfers including to and from their home in the UK.  They’ll experience 3 nights in a Luxury hotel In Wroclaw with all the team at Secret Surgery.

On the Friday once they’ve checked into the Puro Hotel they’ll be participating in a walk around the Christmas Market then getting ready for a group meal at the wonderful Mosaiq Restaurant where the chefs learnt their trade in famous Roux Brasserie and LaGavroche.

On top of this they will spend Saturday morning with Personal shopper & Image Stylist to the stars and hopefully pick a nice dress for themselves as an extra special something from the MD and in the afternoon they will enjoy a guided tour of the historical old town and this is rounded off with a traditional Polish Christmas Feast at Pod Freda with all the key hospital staff joining us; we expect there to be 40 attendees….

On Sunday they will enjoy a presentation and tour of the multi-award winning EMC hospital, have a free consultation with Head Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz and have the afternoon to saunter around the magical sights and sounds of the Christmas Market ending with another traditional meal in the Karczma Lwowska restaurant located in the very heart of the city market square

So on that note; now that I have well an truly whet everyone’s appetite for what will be an amazing weekend to remember…. The Secret Surgery Team are delighted to announce that Clare-Louise Saville has been chosen after her beautiful poem warmed our hearts on such a cold and frosty day.

Angela Chouaib MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd added:

“Congratulations to Clare-Louise and may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking the time to participate and we hope that you all agree that we made the right choice and worthy winner.”