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Latest Feedback from our Yummy Mummy

Everything is great thank you healing brilliantly in no pain after my tummy tuck and vaser lipo, been mooching around the square already – Everyone has been great all the doctors nurses Aga and Jack are so attentive and nice, I’m very glad I come!

I had a little peek at my tummy tuck scar and although still swollen my scar is perfect, so neat I couldn’t believe it, I was worried before but now I’m not so much for my second op (breast Augmentation) just excited!


Considering breast implants? See how it looks at home…

imagesBreast implants are without a doubt one of the most popular – and infamous – procedures on the market in the UK. A lot of women consider breast implants for a variety of reasons – some just have smaller breasts and feel insecure about them, while others miss the buxom bouncers they once had in their youth.

Whatever your reason for considering implants, there is one cheeky thing you can do at home to see just how you’d feel about them – in fact, you don’t even need to want implants to do it – it’s still fun! While nothing in the home will give you the same realistic effect that proper breast implants will, they’re a fun and interesting way to get a glimpse into the life of a D cup holder – or even more!

The insiders think that the best way to recreate implants is using rice – it’s small and flexible enough that it flows into all the right places when you place it in your bra. Just pour 1 cup of rice into a nylon stocking or tights and stuff it in the right place – this is approximately equal to a 240 c implant – quite a big one!

Go on, try it at home – if you like the way you look, come see us!

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Gynecomastia: Get fixed, get happy

maleplasticsurgeryGynecomastia is the doctor’s term for manboobs, or fatty deposits around a man’s chest. If you’re a man and you suffer from ‘manboobs’, then you don’t need to worry, because there is an easy fix, and it comes in the form of cosmetic surgery.

What you might now know is that taking action to fix your manboobs is about more than just the way you look. Up to 69% of adult men are affected by gynecomastia during their lifetime, and studies have recently shown just how damaging the affliction can be mentally. Men with manboobs have poorer mental health, lower self-esteem, and are less good at social functioning.

What does all of this mean? It means that if you make the choice to undergo surgery, you’re making a choice not just to improve your physical appearance, but to boost your confidence and improve your overall happiness. They say money can’t buy you happiness – but maybe in a few ways, it can!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, says “Our consultants and surgeons can help you to figure out what surgeries suit you best. Every day, the patients we see leave us healthier and happier than they were when they came to us. Getting rid of those manboobs is definitely one way to boost your self-esteem!”

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Angelina’s Mastectomy: What we think

v4-Angelina-Jolie-mastectomy2If you haven’t heard about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy yet, you must be the only one. The gorgeous starlet opted to undergo a double mastectomy when she found out that she was in danger of developing breast cancer – just like her mother.

Despite facing some criticism and tasteless commentary from some people, we think Angelina’s decision was incredibly brave. She made the choice to sacrifice something so personal in order to protect her own life and stick around long enough to ensure she sees all of her children through to adulthood. How can the decision be anything but laudible?

Of course, we should also be giving a big pat on the shoulder to Brad Pitt, who sounds like he has been utterly supportive throughout Angie’s ordeal.

We don’t yet know what Angelina’s doing for breast implants – but we’re sure she’ll look gorgeous anyway. Angelina Jolie has proved herself to be a true star – just as fabulous on the inside as she is on the outside!

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Has Hayden Panettiere had a boob job?

Left: Hayden in 2009, Right: Hayden this year

We’ve recently seen some rather revealing  pics of Hayden Panettiere which show her frolicking on the beach in her bikini. What we couldn’t help but notice was how buxom her breasts are looking these days, particularly in comparison to some pics taken back in 2009 when she was just beginning to become a household name.

The 23-year-old Heroes star seems to have gone up a couple of cup sizes in the past four years – and most of us don’t just grow bigger boobs overnight! She’s looking even more stunning now than she did in 2009, so we’re happy to see that she hasn’t been ashamed to indulge in a little surgery.

Boob jobs are becoming more and more popular every year, and it’s no wonder – it’s a relatively simple procedure, and who doesn’t want a nicer set? Go Hayden!

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Breast reductions can be the best reductions…

yummy mummy makeoverA cheesy title! Forgive me. Breast reductions can be the best reductions, though – particularly if they go as smoothly as they can. Your best chances of having an easy surgery and a quick recovery come from knowing how to take care of yourself once you’ve had the procedure.  Follow our easy tips and you’ll be just fine:

  • Take painkillers after the op – but don’t take aspirin, ever, after undergoing a breast reduction.
  • Be prepared to have swollen breasts for weeks following the surgery.
  • Rest as much as possible, and limit your arm movements as much as you can.
  • Get yourself a sports bra, and wear it day and night for at least two weeks following your surgery.
  • Don’t exercise, but do try and move around as much as possible. Avoid lying still for long periods other than for sleep.
  • Start arm movements and exercises around a week after your surgery
  • Refrain from driving for at least two weeks – more, if you feel it’s necessary
  • Don’t smoke for at least two weeks after your op

Of course, the biggest rule – the key one to remember – is to ALWAYS follow your doctor’s orders. It’s not just something your parents say, it’s really important! If you’re worried about taking care of yourself post-op, please don’t hesitate to sign up to our VIP aftercare package – there’ll be someone in the UK for you to rely on at all points following your surgery.

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Boobs: Is Bigger Always Better?

breastsThe media and TV will have you thinking that the bigger your breasts, the better they are. Images of large-chested women are plastered all over magazines and magazines, and it seems that almost everyone in Hollywood is at least a DD cup!

Of course, we should all know by now that the media isn’t right about everything. While a lot of women come to us every year to have their breasts enlarged, we also have a lot of women come and talk to us about breast reductions; and it’s not as crazy as it sounds!

As with everything else, there really is a ‘happy middle’ when it comes to breast sizes. It’s not the same for everyone, but most women feel comfortable with breasts that are big enough to feel curvy and womanly, but not so big that they’re painful and inconvenient. Never mind the backpain; very large breasts can even make clothes shopping a complete pain!

If you’ve ever considered a breast reduction but aren’t sure if you’re even crazy for thinking it – don’t worry! Come in and talk to us about it. Being worried that your breasts are too large is a valid concern, and actually getting something done about it can lead not only to increased self-esteem, but also to better physical health!

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5 Great Reasons to Have Cosmetic Surgery

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog which stated that you should always make sure you’re choosing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons; while we didn’t have time there to elucidate exactly what those reasons are – we do here!

Cosmetic surgery, like any other kind of surgery, is… well, kind of a big thing. You don’t just impulse buy a cosmetic surgery operation along with your copy of OK! Magazine and a bar of Cadbury Bubbles. You’ve got to make sure it’s the right decision for you, and one of the best ways to do that is to think about why you want it.

1. I want to feel more confident about myself.

Hardly a rarity, wanting to improve self esteem and confidence is one of the biggest reasons why anyone considers plastic surgery – and it’s not a bad one. As long as you’re doing it for you – for your own self confidence – and not for someone else, there’s no better reason to take the plunge.

2. I’ve been thinking about this for years.

We often see patients who have been wanting cosmetic surgery for years and years, but for whatever reason have only just been able to actually take action in getting it. If it’s been on your mind for a while, it means you’re not simply acting on impulse – another very good sign.

3. I need this for my health.

Some cosmetic surgeries – like weight loss surgery, in particular – can also have very good impacts on your health, too. If one of the primary reasons you’re considering surgery is to keep your health in good check, then you’ve got your priorities in the right place.

4. I’ve never felt more ready.

Even when you’re choosing surgery for the right reasons, there are a couple of other things you need to make sure you’ve got covered, too. One of these is feeling ‘ready’; surgery can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, and you need to be sure that you’re completely up for it before you go under the knife.

5. I trust my doctor completely.

Once you know you want surgery, it’s important to find a clinic – with a doctor and surgeon – that you trust. Shop around, talk to different people, do your research – and hopefully, you’ll find someone that you feel you can trust your life with.

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Video Blog: My Boob Job and Lipo

We’ve got another Secret Surgery Story today, this time coming from a young patient who came to us for a boob job – and a little lipo. Here’s her story.

“I wanted a boob job and a little vaser liposuction, but couldn’t afford the 7-8K I was quoted at Harley Street. So a friend of mine recommended contacting Angela from Secret Surgery after she met her at a conference.”

“I contacted Angela and I’m really glad that I did, it’s totally changed my life for the better. She helped me out so much and she arranges the flights, the apartment, the hospital transfers, and as well as the surgery I even had a wonderful personal assistant in Poland called Aga.”

“Everything was thought about in advance and included. The price was around three grand less and the service was better than I could have ever imagined.”

“I would recommend Secret Surgery to anyone. In fact, I do recommend Angela to everyone that mentions cosmetic surgery. Thank you Angela, and a huge thanks to the wonderful doctor for his treatment. Keep up the wonderful work that you do at Secret Surgery dot co dot UK.”

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Boob Job in Poland Patient Testimonial – Surgery in Poland

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