Angela Chouaib to feature in Surgery Abroad documentary

angela chouaib secret surgery woman magazineJust over a week ago, our dear Angela – the MD and founder of Secret Surgery, if you don’t already know, spent the day being filmed by a documentary team filming a show based on following a patients journey through surgery abroad- and it’s all about good folk like you and me, who opt for surgery abroad because it’s more affordable, better, and friendlier!

Angela’s obviously a great person to ask about the details of how these companies work and why they’re so attractive, but patients also play a big part in answering these questions. The documentary follows some patients who have chosen to undergo surgery abroad in Poland, exploring their experiences – the highs and the lows – and really looking at what is offered by companies like ours.

We’re glad to see surgery tourism getting some good press – there’s been a lot of that, lately – and we’re looking forward to seeing the show air. We don’t want to give too many details away about what’s going to be revealed in the documentary, but suffice it to say we think you all should watch it!

Keep reading for more details of what to expect, and watch this space – we’ll let you know before it airs.

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