Has Hayden Panettiere had a boob job?

Left: Hayden in 2009, Right: Hayden this year

We’ve recently seen some rather revealing  pics of Hayden Panettiere which show her frolicking on the beach in her bikini. What we couldn’t help but notice was how buxom her breasts are looking these days, particularly in comparison to some pics taken back in 2009 when she was just beginning to become a household name.

The 23-year-old Heroes star seems to have gone up a couple of cup sizes in the past four years – and most of us don’t just grow bigger boobs overnight! She’s looking even more stunning now than she did in 2009, so we’re happy to see that she hasn’t been ashamed to indulge in a little surgery.

Boob jobs are becoming more and more popular every year, and it’s no wonder – it’s a relatively simple procedure, and who doesn’t want a nicer set? Go Hayden!

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