The World’s First… Doggy Tummy Tuck!

Obie, recovering from his tummy tuck
Obie, recovering from his tummy tuck

Yes, you heard it right – a dog! Obie, a super cute and super brave little dachshund, has recently undergone a tummy tuck.

Don’t worry, we love animal rights as much as the next person – this tummy tuck wasn’t exactly cosmetic. Obie lost an impressive 37lbs and was left with excess skin, which was making him uncomfortable. As you might know, dachshunds have low tummies, and skin rubbing against the ground can cause discomfort.

“He’s always had the personality where you can really tell he wants to interact,” Nora told Fox News in the US. “He wants to get around. So now that he can it’s pretty exciting. He’s just getting to be a dog.”

Last we heard, Obie was recovering from his operation in Portland, Oregon. Fingers crossed that Obie’s recovery goes off without a hitch!

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