So You’ve Had a Face Lift

facelift_modelYou might have noticed that recently we’ve been emphasizing how important aftercare is – it’s as important as the surgery itself. Today, we’re going to go into how to take care of yourself after a face lift – it isn’t difficult, but if you follow our few simple rules, you’ll be healing in no time.

First off, remember that it’s normal to feel dizzy in the first 24 hours after your op. This means, you need to rest and avoid activities which require your full attention. In other words, no driving or public transport; don’t operate machinery; don’t travel alone; don’t drink alcohol; and don’t sign important documents!

There’s quite a lot of recovery time needed after a face lift, but here’s a few things to remember:

  • You’ll have to sleep on your back for at least two weeks following your surgery
  • Limit your facial movements and don’t speak on the phone
  • Eat soft food, and drink frequently through a straw
  • Take all the antibiotics, amica and painkiller that your doctor recommends
  • Apply ice packs to the worst of the swelling and bruising
  • Avoid wearing eye make-up for at least two weeks

Face lifts are a major surgery, but this doesn’t mean that recovery is difficult. All you have to do is follow your doctor’s orders, and remember that you can’t be lax about recovery – look after yourself, and you’ll soon be out and about with your new looks. Enjoy!

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One thought on “So You’ve Had a Face Lift

  1. Great information! I guess most of the blogs talk about the surgical procedures, choosing surgeon and preparations. Indeed, there are information regarding recovery phase, particularly about recovery period. But this is the one that a patient should know. like what you mentioned about the sleeping position, food and other valuable tips. I am a frequent reader of blogs and i never happened to see detailed content online regarding what a patient should follow after surgery. Keep it up. Looking forward for more updates!

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