Carole: My Terrific Tummy Tuck

images (1)Today, Carole from Manchester is here to share her story of Secret Surgery – and all of its ups and downs. She seems very pleased, and even got a hernia sorted out while she was here!

How does your weight loss story start? After being an overweight child, overweight teenager and overweight adult… three children later and even more overweight, enough was enough!! I had tried every type of weight loss method possible and my weight at 19 1/2 stone was effecting my health, my job and my happiness. In 2007 I made one of the best decisions in my life and paid privately to have a gastric band fitted. Although I lost a total of 7 ½ stone and kept the weight off, I never realised the effects that loose and baggy skin would have on my life.

And was it then that you started looking into surgery? Two years ago I started my research into plastic surgery as I needed a Tummy Tuck and a leg lift. I had various consultations in the UK with different outcomes, but one thing was the same all the time, the fees were exceptionally high.

How did you find us? As I had my Gastric band fitted abroad, I decided to research into the possibility of having cosmetic surgery abroad too and that’s when I stumbled across Secret Surgery and I am so glad I did.

Why? Right from the onset when I contacted Angela, she seemed to have my best interests at heart. I sent photographs of my tummy and legs via Angela to Dr W in Wroclaw. The Dr decided that Vasor Lipo would be a better option for my legs and could certainly do the Tummy tuck and muscle tightening required.

What happened next? After speaking with my husband and family, speaking to other people who had treatment via Secret Surgery’s Facebook page and doing some online research, I was quite confident that Secret Surgery was for me and I paid my deposit.

And what was your experience coming here like? My Journey to Poland with my husband was arranged by Angela and her team and from the onset was very professional and very well organised. Arriving in Poland we were met by Jack our taxi driver who was polite and very helpful, after being taken to our very modern and comfortable apartment we spent the afternoon in the main town square which is a five minute walk from the apartments.

And what about the surgery? The following day I was taken to the hospital and met Aga from secret Surgery, she helped me with the medical forms and administration that needs to be completed and took me for a consultation with Dr W. Aga was there to translate for the Dr who spoke a small amount of English and was a lovely man, his main concern was that I got the results that I wanted from my surgery. He also found a hernia which didn’t know I had and decided to repair this during the tummy tuck. The following day I went to surgery for my Tummy Tuck, hernia and muscle repair and after just one day of recovering could not believe the fantastic results of my lovely new tummy.

Excellent! Were you pleased by your experience here? The hospital was fresh, bright and very, very clean and although sometimes there was a language barrier between myself and the nurses, they always managed to make themselves understood and were really nice. I was very impressed with the standard of hygiene and cleanliness at the hospital in general and also during treatments and dressing changes.

That’s fantastic to hear. I am three weeks post op now and am looking forward to going back to Poland in March for my vasor Lipo on my front and back of thighs. Thank you to everyone concerned for making my Surgery journey so far a very positive experience.

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