Patricia’s Secret Surgery Story

20121215-0215smallWe have a brand new story for all of you today! Patricia, from Belfast, is here to tell us about her experience with us – and how we saved her from a rather nasty surprise!

How did it all start? Where do I start – I think I should be first of all saying a big thank you to Secret Surgery and Dr W (a God!), Aga, Hanna and Jack for making a dream come true – my tummy tuck and hernia removal!

I had gastric surgery 2 years ago abroad as I got refused on the NHS and I could not afford the prices in the Uk so off I went on the start of my journey. After losing over 6 stone things were looking bleak as after years of yo-yo dieting my skin was ruined – I was a mess!

What happened next? Again I got refused on the NHS, so I looked at tummy tucks in the UK and Ireland and the cheapest I found was 9 thousand pounds! First of all I had not got that kind of money and second, I was very nervous of the fact that you were in and out of the clinic in 48 hrs in some cases, so on that note I started to look abroad again.

How did you come across us, then? I had met loads of new friends on weight loss surgery pages online and I kept seeing the same words – SECRET SURGERY – so I asked a few people what it was and I was given nothing but positive responses! I asked to join the Facebook page which was just amazing, it was totally private and it was normal men and women all sharing their before and after pictures and every one was very keen to help answer any questions I had!

I called the owner of the company, a lady called Angela Chouaib, in Feb of 2012 and I asked her so many questions her head must have been spinning! She went through everything I asked her and more so I decided there and then Secret Surgery was the company for me!

What happened when you got here? The day had arrived! Jack picked me up with another few ladies who I had spoken to for a long time on Facebook it was great to meet them at last. We were so happy that we were all in this together and of we went to the hosiptal. There we were met by Aga who took me to see DR W and I had my consultation and we both agreed on to what i wanted and to what he could do.

And then? Off I went for X-rays, ECG bloods – the lot! I got a min health check which was also great and everything came back fine. I was so excited I had to ask for a sleeping pill as I wanted to go and have my surgery there and then! I had a great night’s sleep. The next day I took my pre-meds and had a shower, and my surgery buddy said that when they came down to fetch me I was out of it! The next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery and everything was done and dusted.The nurses were amazing, and were always checking to make sure I was OK.

And we hear you had a surprise around the corner? Yes! The next day I went back to my room where Dr. W and Aga came to see me. Was I in for a shock – I had a hernia the size of my hand wrapped on my bowels which could not be repaired, so it had been removed! Thank you to all, God knows what would have happened if it wasn’t found!

How did you feel after the surgery? I felt amazing, I was walking about very slowly and I thought I was going to be in agony but I was just a little uncomfortable. Dr. W and Aga were in checking the wound and dressing it – they were all over us!

Any last comments? I was so well looked after it was amazing. If anyone is thinking of cosmetic surgery, please do your homework – there are cheap cowboys out there and you only have one body! I am glad to say I found the best in Secret Surgery, and I will be going back!

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