Mandi’s Secret Surgery Story

tummy tuck wroclawToday, Mandi – a patient of ours – has kindly agreed to answer some questions about her experience at Secret Surgery giving us five stars!

How are you, Mandi? “I am good – back home and trying to catch up with everyone as they were all convinced I was condemning myself to some foreign butcher… Dr W! Well, they are now having to eat their words as it was an amazing trip.”

You felt well cared for? “The care I received was exceptional. I have never seen so much antiseptic being used anywhere. The care that was taken when my dressings were changed was second to none, I never once felt at risk from the minute I walked in the door and was given a through check up, before they went any further to leaving for the last time with my after care instructions ringing in my ears.”

What about the staff there? “Aga Poprawska was an absolute sweetheart and was always there and sorted anything I asked or queried. Jack is an absolute scream and is a fountain of knowledge, and again anything you needed he was there as promised. Dr W and the whole nursing team were truly professional while being approachable and so polite. I would have no hesitation in returning to them for anything in the future.”

And you said the service was good? “The secret surgery package made the whole thing so easy from being collected from the airport and transported to hospital, to the apartment and having shopping waiting for you (I was lucky I had my other half there so he had it all ready for me when I got back there) but I would suggest you take advantage of that service as it doesn’t cost you anything, the receipt is there although obviously I suggest giving them something for their time, as you will be glad of those basics in those first few anxious hours but a settling hot drink and something to eat and you will be then up for the rest of your stay and healing well.”

What about where you stayed? “The apartments are beautiful and clean and well equipped. The wifi was easy to log onto so keeping in touch with home was easy. So for all you anxious people waiting to go or thinking of going I would put those fears away and prepare for your trip. Do exactly what they tell you and you will be fine. Tesco is a short walk away and they even sell cornflakes so you really aren’t very far away at all.”

Great! Would you recommend it? “You bet I would. So thank you’s go to Angela Secret-Surgery for making the whole thing possible, Patricia Palmer for her never ending support, advice and question answering. Aga Poprawska for being amazing and so efficient and caring, Dr W and the nurses for their amazing transformation of my body and to Jack for being great.”

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