My Secret Surgery VIP Experience

Neck_Lift_Recovery_and_ResultsToday, Miss D is here to tell us all about her VIP surgery trip to Wroclaw in December.

Miss D, what was your overall experience of Poland? “From the very first moment I contacted Angela to actually arriving in Poland, the experience was 1st class. Arriving there I was quite nervous but to be met by such lovely people as Jack – the best taxi driver in Poland – and Aga, the most kind and caring person you could meet, was great. And Dr. W – what can I say? He’s a genius!”

What were you most worried about? “I was more worried about Dr. W seeing me undressed than the actual surgery! But he puts you immediately at ease and after a few minutes with him my nerves had vanished. The hospital staff are great and the aftercare amazing. Dr. W takes great care in making sure you are healing correctly.

Any last words? “I’d like to thank everyone at Secret Surgery and everybody in Poland for my surgery experience – it wouldn’t have been the same without any of them!”

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