New Year: New You!

top-ten-new-year-resolutionsIt’s nearly 2013: and we’re all getting ready to make our resolutions. You know the ones – healthy eating, regular exercise, no more Friday night bottles of wine. It’s the New Year, and 2014 is the time for a Brand New You.

The new year is an excellent time to make all of those decisions and commitments that we just put off the rest of the year. I like to think of it as a 12-month project; some projects might take a little longer than 12 months, but setting realistic goals and not being too hard on yourself if you don’t always meet them is important at this time of year.

Losing a few stone, going to the gym once a week – these are all things that we can do without disturbing our daily routines too much. Of course, if those pounds just aren’t dropping off, then there are other ways to become a Brand New You in the new year. A lot of people start looking into cosmetic surgery at this time of year, and it’s not a bad idea; getting your surgery done now means that by summer your body will be all ready for beaches, bikinis and parties!

Have you got any New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Why not let us know what they are – maybe we can all keep each other feeling motivated and positive as we welcome in the new year! Anyway, we’ll catch you up in 2013 – until then, Happy New Year!

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One thought on “New Year: New You!

  1. It will be 2013 NOT 2014

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