Mr. J’s Sleek Secret Surgery

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women – some of the hottest men in the world have achieved their buff bods with a bit of surgery – and we’ve got one of them here today: Mr. J, London’s coolest party animal – and a world-class jet-setter. He’s written his own ‘surgery story’, below – in the hopes that other party freaks will take his lead.

“While I considered having surgery abroad, I reviewed loads of doff companies – before Secret Surgery appeared. Being an international First Class flight attendant, you can imagine all the nice hotels and amazing destinations I see. I wanted a surgery company that provides the same, if not better.

I like my luxuries, and – let me tell you – luxury is what I received! From the minute I e-mailed Secret Surgery, I had a service that I can only describe as incredible. I travelled to Poland earlier this year, where everything from the amazing driver, Jack, to the beautiful and efficient Aga and the excellent surgeon Dr. W, was exceptional.

Walking into the private hospital I felt like I was in a hotel. It was a true home away from home – beautiful, modern, and friendly. We talked everything through with a realistic idea of the outcome, and the op all went to plan perfectly. The aftercare was above and beyond.

Angela, the MD of Secret Surgery, was there from the start to the finish, support me and encouraging me in any way possible. The woman is amazing, and goes above and beyond to provide such a personal service.

Following my surgery, I stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in. It was packed with luxuries, and the bed was so comfortable I could even lie on my side after having a mini tummy-tuck!

The aftercare was absolutely amazing and always efficient and consistent. Ten days after my surgery, I returned to the UK, and everything was healing well. I made a strong recovery – though seven weeks later, I noticed that my scar wasn’t as I imagined it would be.

I contacted Angela, who discussed with me what we could do. She was so supportive and comforting, looked at pictures, and agreed with my suggestions to have scar correction surgery. This was seven weeks ago, and it’s now looking better than ever.

Angela paid for everything and put me up in the most beautiful apartment for recovery. I received the same great service – if not better – on my return.

Working in the industry, I know everything about travel and tourism. I couldn’t possible recommend a more professional, personal, attentive and supportive surgery tourism company. I’ve been blown away by Secret Surgery and the entire experience; even now, I get e-mails to see how I’m doing!”

Don’t be afraid, guys – cosmetic surgery is hot whether you’re a guy or a gal. Taking care of your appearance isn’t feminine – it’s just good sense. Want to be recognised by the most attractive women in clubs, or give your wife a super gift for Christmas this year? Give us a call and we can talk about your options!

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

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